I gather the rhythms of the night you gently light shadow, a light boat crossing, promises forever. And flowing shui yun clasp the midnight heartbeat DR REBORN , as a wind in April as Lord of missing. For order fulfillment of grain is to wait for, just sentimental lingering, whether to hold up in the earth forever and last?

When the boat through the painted splendid scenery, painting DR REBORN , smoke in the snow, the snow non-trace, suddenly, a little lonely invasion, stabbing pain my chest. A sichuan misty rain, a hong bibo, before dawn you read as . I knock window lattice, I wan sleeves, missing sentences, is difficult to make. Moon quietly thin, in my free time want to flutter, the stars of the sparse nearly firewood strain, I kissed you name, unconsciously, tears have become a cream.
The long waiting, I watch alone in QingJi night, again and again lost in li qingzhao searching in the darkness, find the way to come back. So and specialty of the pen, I want to take this moment frames into the future. Eternal gentleness, one thousand independents, spring, summer DR REBORN , autumn and winter, several years age to the appearance, time to steal our youth, just, month, or month is cloud or the cloud, broke the lovesickness petals, zero drift with the wind.