If every one of us, are dust, though, by chance, in the laughter came to this world, mother of frankincense nourish prattles, under the care of relatives and friends love toddler. So clean and transparent as a child, so the naivety and young age, even if some young, never before memory print on the stem of the those who remember the warmth of fragments, however, to extrapolate can perceive the feeling alone, just can know the warm any speculation SmarTone Care.
Remember, those mountain road curved, flower diameter, the bark crowing, twittering ChunYan, now read, all in the bottom of the heart sends out a faint deep fragrance; The busy spring sowing, the movie qingqing, the hoe grain to be noon for day, began sweating grain soils image, now remember, although has remote but still in my heart to thrive, green green green, long bear, lifelike.
After school, the days a cold window study hard, dream time chasing those months, all is the most beautiful in the youth's deepest footprint; A dazed and confused, nervous but lost, all is the most clear memory in the long river is the most clear spring. Years no matter life is how difficult, no matter how of ignorance, or look to look back, each a memory each cheng landscape flash light, long finish.