To say I love literature, also from my high school days. At that time, my language result is good. Middle school a few years has been the whole grade of Chinese representative, and shall be responsible for the school's news reports, is scenery. What is not widespread at that time seems to videotape, meet the school held a big activity, must organize communication team to write articles, the school radio station broadcasting. So, we have a few pen name was called a loud, decades later the classmates talk about still relish!
Autumn when I was in track and field sports meeting, our Chinese teacher and I led more than 20 reporters communications report concludes the tens of thousands of articles snowflakes flew to the podium, the announcer repeated points out my name, I class the classmate cheers. It now that I think about it, the in the mind still warm.
Once, the teacher assigned to write a narrative, running I wrote a three thousand - word story. The next day in class, language teacher, is a tall, strong in such northwest man, picked up the red chalk painting a big red, delicate and charming red flowers next to write my name, and ruthlessly praised me. I remember the root face all red in the neck. Worse, later until I graduate, whether it's my class or outside class the classmate, see I ran after the call me "big red", shame me nowhere to hide.
It let me a lifetime of memories. I was - and the pursuit of literature, literary if life, I'm afraid with my Chinese teacher's love and encouragement are inseparable. Every time you relaxed, the teacher of the praise and enthusiasm eyes of seems to be just around the corner, inspires me let I can't give up. I want to say: teacher, although I haven't too much on the literature of accomplishment, but accompany me half literature. Literary let my life no longer lonely, let me have a spiritual, with literature this lifetime lover I will be lifelong pursuit. Especially today, when I was in the face of injustice, is literature, let me out of the predicament of spirit, is the literature, make me feel I am a useful person, is a man who can do something. So, my heart be appreciated, for literature.