A cascade of swan lake, rumble enthusiasm, attract many tourists rushed to onlookers, underwater camera camera phones are all looking for the best position. While I prefer gurgling water go down those routes, the lake pebbles under clear discernible, casually for sound so shallow, such as jade pendant, inside collect dark and not make public, accompanied by wind, into the middle, diffuse into the haze glaze, gurgling. Can not help but let me think of yu yu boya performance, and yu boya son of allusions. Is exclamation bosom friend hard to find dermes, looked up and saw the precious little margin on the bridge. The so-called fate, too, all cannot explain, perhaps can be relieved with the fate. Always margin of shallow, but deep, finalizing it, who is without fault.
Scooped up a handful ChunYang, fingers had been overlooked, total also is not tight, no wonder the ancients with floating clouds don't after a long, flowing water decade. Especially this bright spring day, hard to avoid lets people linger, dense warm tipsy, is most likely to top reenex . To count the time scenes in the story, only to find that your growth.
Lakeside sunset, full of tenderness, and a half into the rosy clouds, half of the lake. Dye faint shy, let most of the day in the west of outline paints beautiful, color gradient are concentrated secret master, interpretation of the quiet and peaceful. The leaf boat on the lake, the position just right, open a line of half the evening with a half diffused reflection, and this boat along with the wave of ups and downs, but also gave me a boat from now on, jianghai send the dreams of the rest of his life.
Sow a seed and wait years. Planted a seed of the unknown, I would like to, let the spring rain woke it up and feed it to grow.
If a tree grass, I would like it in the vicissitudes of age, the total in the wilderness, in full bloom the tension of life. If it is a flower, I would like it to catch qunfang, contend for the colors of the lively, more smile at the green leaves A Bar, grateful for the spring rains hard, buried with the lingering fragrance into the mud. If a tree, I wish it takes root in first, then with pride. One hundred trees, don't care about at that time the gain and loss, only willing to vast breadth of mind to the pedestrian sun rain. Because the modesty is virtue the best measure of supercilious.
About spring, there are too many, write not over let them with spring germination.

Waiting in the sun in the depth of the banana, it is moving, the lake with ripples, wicker, with slight bent a waist, at that time, I always feel how beautiful life, we are always in the heart of the lotus, the moon is no longer missing when the full moon, miss will walking no longer be memory up, just years never explain to the person. Parting is always a desolate and cold quiet, you figure, starting from the piece of yellow, lost, lost light.
Red maple red colors are still hot, no one don't remember, 1 pet. And that, in a twinkling was the end of the world, no one do not understand, when a person is, on the road, always want to the ends of the earth, seems to have been born between people delay, distance forever, until the moment. Don't know why, sometimes, the more the farther from home, the more to joy and happiness, the more to feel the happiness of distance , and the real distance, seemed to miss more and deep in the end of the world.
The time is still on, no one can change or retain a little bit. Sun long rings sometimes can't afford to Opus One give some comfort. In five thousand the edges and corners of prosperous and vicissitudes of life together kill people. The clarity and enchanting early in the morning, in the days and nights, how many can not exist in the limited world can safely, is always an unknown capacity. Life is always in the ignorance of ignorance.

 destruction of perdition, sober me awake. How many people total least love today if not tomorrow, tomorrow have worry about tomorrow. Yes, to warm the hearts of people have been on the road, just a lot of people, give not busy on the road, once can do its. Only know that there are so a person, have been waiting for, regardless of the moon spring flowers, how summer rain, winter thunder!
The sunny morning, I wish the clouds of the sky, seven color is abundant, and just, waiting for the hysteresis is mulberry.

I have a heart, I have sent a debt of gratitude, heart whether can the emotion to regenerate, half a lifetime to wait for, pay to life. I rather around the heart, not forever, forever, don't rely on each other, walk the one touched today.
Like sweet things. They make me fascinated.
I haven't eat bananas, bought a few accident today. The mature scent drifting to instantly immediately. In fact just want to indulge in, don't want to have a bit loose. It is the only way to enjoy it with bag around it, is a nice bow again. Loathe to give up, it is love.
"Love will indulge, but love is restrained."
I would prefer, and let it in there. The quiet.
When eating steak, most appreciate that send out full-bodied breath. In fact, sometimes eat occasions but play . Enjoy to use a knife and fork posture, relaxed feeling, westernization of the atmosphere. Just like at home and see movies in the cinema, although content may be consistent, but the taste is different. And life need most, is the unique lasting appeal.
Few days before go to the restaurant to eat noodles, I always said to the boss: "fix seasoning, put more onion". My parents in the home cooking, will always put three fresh powder. This dressing tastes very good. "Single point", sometimes, is often what detail decides the whole event success or failure. And sweet to me, has become a kind of hopeless addiction. If only there, I was able to find belongs to own taste and unique formula. Xianggu mushroom, is what I grew up has been. Hours in mushroom, went up the hill than I had put it into a small tree, delicate and beautiful. When I uprooted them hits, I can smell the smell of wild mushroom body.